"Over the last 20 years I have paddled a lot of miles in a variety of conditions, but because sea kayaking can offer so many different experiences I never get bored and never stop learning. Having good skills and learning to "Dance" with your kayak will always give you the best reward for effort. If you get 10% of the fun out of sea kayaking I get then the journey is worth it."

Les Allen


Personalized Training

Skill, knowledge and experience are the keys to enjoying sea kayaking safely and getting the best reward for effort. Training and having competent people to paddle with is the starting point to achieving that. This is why our training courses are holistic and you can paddle with us after the course to get the experience you need. 

Experience You Can Trust

Les AllenKayaks


You Can be A Sea Kayaker tOO...

Custom Built Kayaks


I design and build sea kayaks but buying a kayak from me offers so much more.I can also offer accessories and camping gear at exclusive prices and you will  be invited to a range of led paddles all over WA and even interstate. On these paddles you will have qualified instructors to help you get the most out of your new boat.

Les Allen is an Advanced Sea Kayak Instructor and Assessor. Along with 2 friends they were the second people to paddle the coast of WA and the first to paddle to the Montebello Islands. Les has paddled Melbourne to Hobart across Bass Straight, paddled South West Thailand and paddled some of NSW and QLD. He was one of the founding members of the Sea Kayak Club, started the WA Sea Kayak Symposium and after 20 years and over 40,000km is still paddling the coast of WA, still leading trips every year and paddling every weekend.