I say about US because I am part of the sea kayaking community and many people share the passion I have for the sport. 


If you come to a course, buy a boat or paddle with us on a Saturday morning you will meet a lot of kayakers with varying skills and experience. Our Saturday morning paddles are training paddles where you can try things and develop the skills you learned on the course. Of course you will always paddle with enough experienced and trained paddlers to ensure you are able to extend yourself with safety.

I always promote the Sea Kayak Club as they have good standards and offer a variety of activities for all levels. Paddling with competent people will assist you to develop your skills and confidence. The club also do trips each year and of course there is always the Symposium.

The new paddlers journey

Sea Skills

Now we can take you places. Live the dream and go to those exotic or remote places you always dreamed of because now you have the skills.

Advanced Sea Skills

Now you can play in the rough stuff and extend yourself. Not for everyone but if you're dedicated and fit we will take you there.

Les AllenKayaks


You Can be A Sea Kayaker tOO...

About Us

My Mission

Furthering my journey

After 20 years there is still a lot of my journey left. Building boats, becoming a better instructor and discovering new places are still high on the agenda.


02. Promote Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking has given me more than any other sport I have tried. To give back to the sport is only fair and is why I started the Sea Kayak Symposium and do the Saturday morning paddles. This offers new paddlers a pathway into the sport.


03. Training

Training for me is part of kayaking. It is essential for me to maintain my skills and offers people the opportunity to do things they never thought possible. It's through training that you can get the best enjoyment out of kayaking.   

The Start

Everyone starts on flat water and Basic Kayak Skills is the start of your journey.

Intro To Sea Skills

This is the next level where you can enjoy a small challenge in light sea conditions.