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You Can be A Sea Kayaker tOO...

Buying a kayak is only the start.

We custom build the kayak to your body so the boat hardware fits your body. Then we assist you to pad the boat which usually takes 3 months because you have to try the fit on the water then make adjustments as necessary.

We sell and recommend Sea To Summit gear and offer special prices to people who buy our boats. That way you get the best value for money on both your boat and accessories.

Once you have your boat we then offer training and led paddles so you get the most out of your kayak. This includes weekends away, day paddles and extended trips sometimes over east in more exotic locations.  Check out our Facebook page to see some out trips. https://www.facebook.com/lesallen.kayaks

Classic Kayak

The Classic Kayak is based on the traditional Greenland style boat. The hard chines give good turning and the length gives good speed. It is a bigger volume than most Greenland style boats to give better stability and good big water capability.

It is a true touring sea kayak with the traditional look. I have done 3 week trips unsupported so there is enough storage to do trips but low enough volume to roll easily. I can do most of my Greenland rolls in this boat.

This is the closest I have got to a one boat for all seasons. You really have to paddle it to appreciate this boat.

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West Coast 555

This is a big volume trip boat that can be paddled with or without rudder. It can carry 100kg of gear if needed but is best with about 150kg combined load. Fast, stable and sails very well. If you need a trip boat that can double as a day boat this is one you need to paddle.