Sea kayaking is a sport that offers an incredible range of outcomes from adrenalin pumping storm paddling to silently gliding through the water in incredible locations. Outcomes generally change with experience and training can increase both your outcomes and reward for effort. I often use the analogy of dancing with your kayak to describe reward for effort. If you imagine walking around a dance floor holding your partner's hand and compare that experience to dancing in time with music then you will get some idea of the difference between getting your kayak from A to B and "dancing" with your kayak from A to B.

To achieve that outcome you must first learn the basic skills required then incorporate them in a holistic kayaking experience. This is why on our courses we cover the hard kayaking skills, the soft knowledge skills like weather and navigation but also include stretching, breathing, nutrition and of course there is wildlife, as stopping for a moment to appreciate the wildlife is also part of sea kayaking.

Basic Kayak Skills $80.00 Price includes Basic Skills Guides

This is a Saturday morning course that gets you started on flat water. You will learn basic strokes, capsize drills and a variety of safety aspects of the sport that are generally counter-intuitive. Kayaking is one of those sports where what you think is not necessarily correct and learning these counter-intuitive aspects is important for safety. Everyone is nervous at this stage which is why we do this level in small groups or one on one. You need to build confidence in yourself, your kayak and us and this happens at different rates with different people. As with all my courses, once you pay the fee we persist with you till you reach that level at no extra cost. Also you are welcome to paddle with us every Saturday morning that I am in Perth to build those skills.

Intro To Sea Skills Kayaking Award $285.00 Price Includes "A Guide for Sea Canoeists" by Phil Woodhouse, Australian Canoeing Manual and Intro to Sea Skills Guides Value $85.00

The Intro to Sea Skills Award is a 3 day course. To complete the experience our course is from a camping base at a property in Denmark. You camp on soft grass but there is a large shed with shower, toilet and pot belly stove which offers protection from the elements if nature decides on a wet training course. Camp cooking and a camp fire complete the experience. All people learn at different rates. This is why, after the course, participants are welcome to paddle with me and receive continuous training till you are competent in all aspects of this level. Continuous improvement is an integral part of Sea Kayaking and can continue for 20 years or more. Each improvement in skill and knowledge enhances the reward for effort.

A person with Intro to Sea Skills can prepare for and complete a day's kayaking in sheltered or light sea conditions with the wind 10 to 12 knots gusting 15 to 18. The sea state should not exceed wind wave of 1.0 mt,  swell 2 mt and breaking waves not exceeding 0.5 mt. This excludes tidal currents, cliff lines or open crossings. A Intro to Sea Skills paddler can average 6 km per hour non stop for 15 km in flat water. At all times Intro to Sea Skills paddlers should be with a Sea Leader or Instructor who will manage minor emergencies and rate the day's paddle as suitable for your level.


An Intro to Sea Skills paddler will have the following skills:

            1. Know 3 ways to remove your spray deck and be competent in capsize in mild surf.

            2. Know the technical aspects of all the basic strokes and 10 ways to turn your kayak.

            3. Have an understanding of how your hull works in flat water.

            4. Be able to rescue and be rescued 3 different ways.

            5. Be able to tow and be towed in light sea conditions.

            6. Be able to forward and backward paddle with reasonable competency

            7. Know how to use communication and emergency equipment.

            8. Be able to paddle 15 km at 6 km per hour non stop


An Intro to Sea Skills paddler will have the following knowledge

            1. Know how to prepare for a day's paddling.

            2. Know how to do a basic risk assessment.

            3. Know the fundamentals of navigation, how to read a chart and understand Mercator's Projection.

            4. Know the fundamentals of weather forecasts and where to get them.

            5. Know the impact on group dynamics of minor emergencies and know your role.

Sea Skills

This course is a week long trip where you learn all the skills to handle trips and moderated sea conditions. You will need to do the Basic Sea Skills Award as a prerequisite.

Sea Skills Award costs $300 for the training plus $35.00 for AC Certificate if required

Advanced Sea Skills

This Award requires many years of experience and Sea Skills Award as a prerequisite.  

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